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This software allows you to watch SWF files for free
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Swiff Player is an application designed to play SWF files, which is a format for streaming Internet content. Only SWF files can be played. No other video formats are supported. The program is absolutely free and it can play your SWF files (Flash movies) in a reduced window or using the full screen mode. To activate the full screen mode, you just have to double click on the screen or press ALT + Enter on your keyboard.
With Swiff Player you will be able to see the SWF files properties by pressing Control + Enter on your keyboard. The software will display the video files' dimension, frame rates, frame, size, length and location. You can stop, pause and resume the video anytime you want as you can do it with other media player. Adding a file to be played is as easy as pressing Control + O or clicking on the file menu and then on the open button.
If you watch a lot of SWF files, you can associate the program with them so that every time you double click or open a SWF file the program will automatically be launched and play the files. Swiff Player supports SWF files regardless of their duration. It can play long or short SWF clips. The program will work on any of the latest Windows platforms, including Windows 7.

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  • It plays SWF files with all normal functions in any media player
  • It's free


  • It doesn't support any other format
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